PhD Research

Nondestructive Quality Monitoring of lab-grown organs

How do you know the organ/tissue you are growing in the lab is maturing properly and the cells are transforming towards organ-specific cells?

You can't slice the organ, then you don't have an organ for transplanting in a patient!

That's where my Ph.D. research comes in. Using Dielectric impedance spectroscopy and machine learning techniques, I am developing a method to monitor the quality of tissue-engineered medical products in real-time!

Destructive Quality Evaluation

Offline | Time consuming | Non scalable

Non-destructive Quality Evaluation

Real-time | Non-invasive | Scalable

Poster Presentations

Conference Presentations

  1. Application of Supervised Machine Learning to Dielectric Spectroscopy for Non-destructive Quality Evaluation of Engineered Tissues. International Conference on Biofabrication, Australia, 2021

  2. Soft-sensing with Smooth Matrix Completion of Dielectric Spectroscopy Profiles for Non-destructive Quality Monitoring During Biofabrication. IISE Virtual Conference & Expo 2021

  3. Non-destructive quality monitoring of 3D printed tissue scaffolds via dielectric impedance spectroscopy and supervised machine learning. 49th SME North American Manufacturing Research Conference, NAMRC 49, Ohio, USA

  4. Machine Learning for Dielectric Spectroscopy-based Quality Assessment of Engineered Tissues. IISE Virtual Conference & Expo 2021

Journal Publications & Conference Proceedings

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