Cell Confluency Estimation Online using Image Analysis of Python and Flask Web deployment tool

Development of Living Skin Equivalent (LSE) tissue in Lab and evaluation with histology

In this project, the objective was to develop skin equivalent tissue that could be used for the basic protection of internal muscles and fluids from the external environment and exceed the injury healing process. So certain layer such as the epidermal and dermal layer was developed with living tissues and integrated in the lab which can be used as skin grafts. The use of biomaterials in the field of tissue engineering was also discussed and implemented in the Living Skin Equivalent (LSE) tissue generation process. The tissue developed over three weeks and then they were used for further analysis such as histology. The outer layer of the skin (epidermis) provides protection cover for the dermal layer, which provides the structure of the skin. Both are crucial for the regular function of the skin. The ability of quick regeneration of the skin layers in vitro or in vivo could save countless burn injury victims.

Controlling Two Directional Traffic System Using PLC Timer & Counter

The project involved controlling a two-directional one-way traffic system using the concepts of ladder logic diagram. Ladder logic diagram was developed in RSLogix 5000, and the automation system was developed by integrating the ladder logic diagram with PLC controller. The system successfully controls the two directional one-way traffic in both scenarios. Such systems can be installed on busy roads to control traffic and allow pedestrian movement on roads while avoiding accidents. Overall, this project was a very good learning experience of practically implementing the concepts of ladder logic diagrams that we learned in class and mini projects.

Developing a Standalone Single Facility Location Application using MATLAB UI and MATLOG

For this project, I learned how to design standalone app using Matlab Appdesigner in Matlab 2018b version. Developing a standalone application in the field of logistics can help people who doesn’t have enough programming experience or matlab experience. To run this application, the user will only need to install the MATLAB Runtime installer along with this application. The MATLAB Runtime installer is free and can be directly downloaded using this application. The exported matlab file (“Facility_Location_exported “) can be used if the user has Matlab software already installed in computer. Otherwise, the application installer file in ‘Installation file for application” folder should be installed.

Design & Simulation of 3 Axis Capacitive Mems Accelerometer using COMSOL

The design of a three-axis capacitive accelerometer was created in CAD model to simulate and analyze if the accelerometer design would work similarly to available MEMS capacitive accelerometer in the market. It was observed that according to the simulation, due to a sudden decrease in acceleration, the accelerometer would facilitate actuation using capacitive sensing in all of the axis. The accelerometer is most sensitive in the Z axis. The analytical evaluation justified the design by comparing the deformation of the proof mass of the simulation with calculated deformation value for similar acceleration. The fabrication process provided different methods to fabricate the design of the three-axis accelerometer and discussed the wafer preparation, photolithography technique, liftoff technique, additive technologies, suitable material selection, etching alternatives, and the wafer bonding technology. Following the design and fabrication procedure, it is possible to produce standard MEMS three-axis capacitive accelerometer which can be used in real life.